Having preventative maintenance will prolong the life of your boat engine. Whether you do it yourself or contact a reliable, professional technician, proper maintenance is important. Maui Worx has some suggestions that will keep your boat running smoothly for years to come.

Regular Oil Changes

While the frequency of an oil change will depend on the model, boat engine oil should be changed about every 100 hours, or every season. Oil is the engine’s life force, but over time the acid contained in it begins to cause damage to the internal parts of the engine. Regular oil changes, however, will drastically reduce this process and prolong the life of your boat engine. So, don’t overlook this simple step to engine longevity.

End-of-Season Drive Oil Replacement

Modern outboard lower units use spiral-bevel gears to provide smoother, quieter operation. The power and torque of the boat engine is concentrated on these two gears, which create lots of heat and friction, resulting in the need for proper lubrication of the gearcase to protect and optimize the function of your engine. We recommend you replace the oil in the lower unit at the end of each boating season.

Lower Unit Water Impeller Replacement

A properly working water impeller is essential to adequately pump water and keep a boat engine from overheating. But there are several reason impellers go bad, making it essential to change them every other season. Simple use wears down the impeller, as does silty or sandy conditions, heat, old age, or lack of use. The tips of the impeller vanes wear down and begin to curve or get too stiff to pump well. Overlook this essential step in boat maintenance and it will cost you lots of money and frustration.

Regular Maintenance

Aside from the essential oil changes and impeller replacements, here are some things to regularly check to ensure the life of your boat engine:

  • Check and change spark plugs at correct intervals
  • Check all fluids
  • Look for leaks
  • Charge battery
  • Check for damaged or loose wiring
  • Grease hinge points on lower unit

If you are in need of boat engine maintenance, repair, or a pre-trip engine and drive inspection, give Maui Worx a call today at 505-629-0786.