Owning a boat comes with a lot of joys. However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility that can be, well, not so fun. Tasks like boat repair and marine maintenance can be especially challenging, and the longer you have your boat, the more likely you’ll have to confront these issues. We hope that your required boat repairs come later rather than sooner, but, either way, it helps to be prepared.

To help you get prepared for any marine maintenance and repairs your boat may require in the future, we at Maui Worx LLC would like to share with you some tips. We are a small, family-owned business striving to provide New Mexico with all the boat services they need to keep their boats looking and running great! Our services include marine surveying, marine electrical work, leather and vinyl repair, boat customizations, and much, much more! Contact us today to learn more!

Questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to tackle a boat repair yourself or to leave it to the professionals.

Do I Have the Knowledge?

Many boat owners are quite handy. They are familiar with boats, working with their hands, and solving mechanical problems. However, just because you are handy doesn’t mean you can handle all of your own boat maintenance and repairs. With this being said, nowadays with the vast wealth of information available on the Internet, you can learn how to perform a number of repairs.

After researching your problem—whether it’s a dinged-up propellor, a trailer issue, or small fiberglass repairs—ask yourself if you feel like you are able to complete the job. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities, don’t risk it. Call a professional! If you do feel like you can do it, give it a go. However, during the research phase, keep in mind that unless you are an expert welder with access to a boat repair shop, you probably won’t be able to complete a major propeller repair or a reconditioning job, for example. In short, know your limitations!

Do I Have the Tools?

When evaluating whether or not you can complete a job, it is just as important to have the right tools as it is to know what you’re doing. Without the right tools, you can actually do more harm than good. While some jobs, like replacing brakes or bearings, can be handled with typical garage tools, other tasks, like attempting serious engine work or stern-drive repairs, will likely require special tools and specific knowledge. It is these types of jobs that can also carry the risk of inflicting more harm than good—i.e., turn a rather cheap repair into a costly repair.

Do I Have the Time?

If you have asked yourself the previous questions and answered yes to them, then comes the final question: do you have the necessary time to do the job correctly?

When problems arise with your boat, we hope that before you jump into a repair you ask yourself these questions. Taking this extra step will not only ensure that you are, in fact, ready to complete the repair or maintenance, but it will also protect yourself from any potentially costly mistakes. Keep in mind that you are always equipped to handle any boat problem you may face—either by tackling it yourself or picking up the phone and calling your trusted boat repair shop.

If you are in the New Mexico area and are in need of marine surveying, boat repair, marine electrical work, thermography, fabrication repair, boat maintenance, or vinyl and upholstery repair, contact us! Learn more about our boat services, read about our crew, and call us today to set up your appointment!