Do you feel like your boat needs an upgrade, but you are unsure of exactly what it needs? In today’s blog, we at Maui Worx would like to offer you some help in this department, specifically, by offering a few common boat upgrades. If you are in need of marine surveying, leather and vinyl repair, boat customizations, and—yes—marine electrical work, contact us today! We are a family-owned business serving the New Mexico area. Learn more about us, our marine services, and contact us today to schedule your appointment or for a free consultation.

Not sure exactly what kind of upgrade your boat needs? Below are some common boat enhancements.

Interior Lights

Interior boat lights can be immensely helpful, and for nighttime boaters, they are a must. However, if you are using old energy-consuming incandescent lights (or no lights at all), you are not experiencing the full effect of the power. LED-based interior cabin lights are simply the best in terms of coverage, durability, and color. Typically, you can either buy fixtures and retrofit them or buy fixtures with LED bulbs preinstalled.

Navigation Lights

Similar to interior lights, the same can be said for navigation lights. Nowadays, LED lights have advanced to a level where they can easily be used as spotlights. In fact, most are able to operate far longer and are less likely to fail than traditional navigation bulbs. On top of this, because they are LED, they are far more energy efficient. LEDs have a remarkably low energy consumption rate and offer a longer operating life.


Stereos are a great addition to any boat. They give you the option of accentuating your boating experience with some of your favorite tunes. If you don’t currently have a stereo on your boat or you are working with an old, unreliable one, it may be time for an upgrade. Depending on your needs and intended use, you may get by with a simple car stereo. However, if you intend on mounting it near the companionway, you may want to consider investing in a water-resistant marine unit. To find out what system is the best fit for you, contact our boat repair shop. 


If you are singlehanding your boat, you definitely want to consider this upgrade if you don’t have it already—it can drastically improve your boating experience. There are a variety of options out there, and generally speaking, if your boat is tiller-steered, you have the option of an integrated unit or a component-based system. The key differences are that an integrated system is often cheaper, but more likely to get damaged, and a component-based system is more expensive and more challenging to install (it will likely require the help of professional marine electricians and boat service professionals—it’s a process that involves the control head, fluxgate compass, course computer, and linear drive).


Anyone who has spent a long time out on the water knows that a classic cooler with some ice sometimes doesn’t cut it. It has its limitations. If you’ve found yourself angered by the warm beverage in your hand late in the afternoon, you likely already get it. If this is the case, you might want to put a refrigerator at the top of your boat upgrade wish list. There are quite a few boat refrigerator options out there. The three most popular of which include an engine-driven system, a 12 VDC system, and a self-contained system 12 VDC. For help choosing, contact our marine electricians! They’re eager to help!

Safety Gear

If your boat is not fully equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, this should be the first upgrade on your list. One of the greatest duties you have as a boater is to fully understand all of your boat safety equipment and how to use it. This equipment should not only include emergency devices, but it should also include things like propane solenoid and fume detectors and carbon monoxide and smoke/fire alarms. Fans and solar fans can also be great ways to improve ventilation and, therefore, boat safety and comfort.

If you are in the New Mexico area and are thinking about upgrading your boat and need some help, don’t hesitate to contact us! From marine surveying to marine electrical work to fabrication repair to upholstery repair, and a whole lot more, our crew is ready to handle all of your boat services and upgrades!