If you have been a part of the boating community for awhile, then you are likely familiar with marine surveying—and for those who are not: it is the process of inspecting marine vessels to assess and report the value and condition of the vessel and all of its component. Whether your marine survey is performed for insurance purposes or as part of a pre-purchase inspection, it is extremely important to have an evaluation you can trust. This is why finding a trusted marine surveyor is considered such an important asset for boat owners.

In today’s blog, we at Maui Worx would like to share with you some information and tips to help make the marine surveying process as painless and as effective as possible. If you are in the New Mexico area and are in need of a marine surveyor to perform your evaluation, contact us! We take great pride in our marine surveying and in all of our boat services—including boat customizations, marine electrical work, boat fabrication repair, boat maintenance, and more!

Do Your Homework

Though this is easier said than done, when looking for a surveyor, you want to take into consideration experience, expertise, accreditations, equipment, and reviews. At Maui Worx, for example, we strive to always be at the forefront of industry standards. For us, this means always using the latest, state-of-the-art testing equipment; ensuring that all of our certifications and standards are up-to-date; and training our staff to have the expertise to perform professional and expert evaluations. You should be able to get a decent understanding of all of this information from online resources. Additionally, don’t forget to ask other boat owners and boat owner communities you may be a part of.

Schedule Early

All too often, people will request to have boat surveys done ASAP. Though this can sometimes be done, it is best to give yourself ample time. Oftentimes, delays are unavoidable. Not only do marine surveyors typically need fair weather conditions, but they can also be expected to involve multiple parties—owners, brokers, buyers, etc.—which means having to juggle multiple schedules. To make your survey as painless as possible, don’t make last minute requests.

Prepare for the Survey

For the sake of you and the surveyor, prepare your vessel for the inspection. This means removing all unnecessary gear from the vessel, cleaning it thoroughly, especially compartments, bilges, and machinery spaces. For example, if the bilge is not clean, it can make the keel bolts nearly impossible to see, which makes it quite hard for the surveyor to evaluate them.

Attend the Survey

Though we don’t suggest you bring the dog and the family to the inspection or that you constantly peer over the shoulder of the marine surveyor, we do think it is important to attend the evaluation. Many marine surveyors actually prefer to have the owner attend. This allows them to point out areas of concern. They might, for example, be able to show exactly where the delaminated spots are or where the wet spot in the deck is.

Read the Report Thoroughly

After the evaluation, be sure to ask all the questions you have, and once you get the report back, read it thoroughly. If there is anything that is unclear, reach out to your marine surveyor. Surveyors understand that in some instances the report needs to be reviewed by many people and that the report is an essential part of making an informed decision on the vessel’s value, so they will be more than willing to answer your questions and concerns.

Don’t Try to Get the Surveyor to Negotiate

Though you can expect your surveyor to answer questions, you should not expect them to help you negotiate with the seller, broker, etc.—unless this was previously agreed upon. By and large, marine surveyors perform inspections and report their findings only to their clients.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a marine surveyor. Following these tips, will help ensure that you get the most out of the service. Also, remember that marine survey reports are very in-depth and can take some time. Surveyors are very thorough, and it is important that you understand this when having one performed. If you are in the New Mexico area and need a marine survey performed, contact us! We are your go-to shop for all of your boat services!