• Boat interior replacement can be avoided by applying UV Protection every time we bring a boat in, they say every 3 to 5 weeks but we like to prolong the life of our boat seat upholstery as much as possible and keep your boat looking “like new” year after year.
  • Some household cleaners can harm your Marine Vinyl, we use 303 UV protection on all our boats, even our ATV’s and Ski-Doos.
  • Use a boat cover when you are storing your boat, sounds like common since, but we see it all the time when people get back from the lake and are to tired or in to big of a rush to put the boat cover on before putting the boat up. This causes problems not even to the marine vinyl but will cause you to make a boat cover repair because the canvas gets torn, etc.

Fading of the vinyl and plastic can bring the value of your boat down, so investing in the look and life of your boat seats can save you time and money. And make reselling easy when your ready.

However if you find your boat in need of vinyl repair, we are the boat upholstery shop that can make your vinyl boat seat repair or boat seat upholstery look professional and last up to the conditions of lake life.

We only use UV protection thread and fabrics. This extends the life of your seats.

Or, if you find you need boat interior replacement or you want a custom vinyl job for your boat have our vinyl and upholstery fabrication specialist transform your boat! We can customize the seats with any color and emblem you want!