Maui Worx, LLC cares about our customers safety.

By following ABYC Standards and Guidelines we stay on top of the latest safety information and the latest standards. Why is this important? According to the 2016 Coast Guard Executive Summary, “there was 701 deaths, 2903 injuries, and $49 million dollars damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents.” Boat issues and the things to remember to keep everyone safe.

What could go wrong? What does this have to do with me?

Within this summary it states that “Machinery failure tops as one of the top five primary contributing factors in accidents.” Keeping marine vessels in check is of utmost importance!


As a result of hidden problems a person could be stranded on the water!


Most of the time this is due to something electrical such as boat wiring that can be diagnosed a head of time causing the boat to break down.Our marine service technicians and boat surveyors are here for our clients. We strive to make sure the job is done right the first time!

We offer our customers safety checks and boat inspections. Consequently, saving time, money, and hassle of being stranded. Be prepared, contact us.





 With the training and equipment Maui Worx employees are required to have, our technicians and staff can easily locate problems in watercrafts that are unsafe or will cause malfunctions.

Recreational Boating is a growing trend, so are the accidents associated with it! Don’t be part of the statistics, our technicians will let our customers know what is safe and what is not!

People do their best to keep their family safe at home or on the road. The same should be done on the water. It is easy to forget about safety when being on the water is so much fun. However, accidents and break-downs are not fun.

As an ABYC member we are boating safety built in.



Customers can depend on us to keep their family safe and having fun on the water!