Upholstery a lost Art, Not at Maui Worx, LLC! Women owned small business capable of marine canvas, military, government & industrial fabric products.

Upholstery and Canvas Sewing is becoming a lost art! This along with many job skills seems to be going away with our younger generations. Upholstery is third generation for Maui Worx’s team of experienced trimmers, ranging in automotive, marine, residential, and commercial projects.  The industrial sewing shop services the public, commercial, and government organization.

Communicating with clients and able to  provide you with the right job the first time! Providing quality service at fair prices, its a win-win for everyone! So many times customer service becomes low on the priority list, forgetting that is most important.

Everyone’s talking about how Maui Worx customer service and support is A+!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone in our area that cares about how they treat us and what we want! Not only is the customers service A+, product that comes from here is outstanding!

Their industrial service department is located in the four corners and meets the needs for custom production of marine canvas, military, government & industrial fabric products. Including canvas, industrial, leather, military & vinyl.

Capable of single and double needle, surge, bind, and cover stitch sewing.

Able to provide prototypes.

USA Manufactured Industrial Sewing

Custom Jobs
Bags, Signs, Chairs, Purses, Specialty Curtains, Barbecue Covers, Banners, Flags, etc.
Tarps, Straps, Bags, Cases, Covers, Backpacks, etc.
Vehicle Seats, Bags, etc.

Houseboat Screen Rail Covers
Ribbons, Privacy, Semi-Privacy, etc.
Canvas Covers
Awnings, Dodgers, Tops, Covers, etc.
Houseboat Top or Bottom, Party Tops, Pontoon Tops, Sport Tops, etc.
Vinyl Repair
Sun, Wind, & Rain Exposure damages boat interior! Our Vinyl Repair Specialist’s do amazing repairs!
Windshield Covers, Bow, Stern, T-Tops, etc.

Laminate vinyl welding curtains, Tire covers, etc.
Government and Industrial Contracts
Industrial Covers, Packs, Environmental Covers, etc.
Much, Much, More………..

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